Apulit Island Resort

For our last days in Philippines we chose this paradise island, Apulit. Apulit Island Resort is the perfect place for your honeymoon or a total relaxation getaway in a very quiet place, giving you a true feeling of a tropical escape. Apulit Island Resort is part of El Nido Resorts together with the other resorts in Miniloc, Lagen and Pangulasian Islands, and it is located in Taytay, Palawan. 

Apulit Island beach

As for getting there, the resort provides van shuttles from El Nido Airport to Taytay. After that you get transfered to a fast boat that will take you to the resort. Upon arrival on the island, the staff will welcome you by singing a welcome song. After that we enjoyed a delicious cold drink, and the manager, Heidi, explained a little about the resort and the activities available for the next days.

To book your perfect vacation head to their website or check hotelscombined in order to find the best deal. On their website you may find some special discounts, like we did, and find out all about your inclusions. As it is a private island, your stay will include a full board meals, which were delicious. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, all the time different and plenty of choices to choose from. Apart from the buffet area, there is a corner where the chef is cooking some choices to order. The drinks are not included, except for water and some fresh juices for breakfast. The use of available non-motorized water sports equipment and standard resort guided activities/tours is part of your package.

Sunsets in Philippines

Sunsets in Philippines

Our home away from home for the next few days was a beautiful water cottage. On the island you will find 30 water cottages and 20 loft cottages. The loft cottages are more suitable for families and bigger groups. The only advantage that I could find between the 2 was that the loft cottages provides a direct passage to the water from their balcony. It was amazing getting up everyday and just go outside on the balcony and see the prisitine blue water and the baby black tip reef sharks and other colorful fishes playing right in front of you. We enjoyed the snorkelling just in front of our cottage, chasing the baby sharks but having them slipping away everytime. Sneaky bastards!

The resort is taking care about their impact on the environment. They do their aboslute best on rehabilitating the area and protecting marine life. I am loving their initiatives to preserve the natural habitat of the animals around the island, not using unnecessary plastic containers. In fact, the toiletries like liquid soaps, shampoo and even cotton buds are placed in a refillable ceramics to help save the environment. Even the water in the room is in a galss pitcher that you can ask anytime to refill.

turn down service
Their attention to details is amazing!

Activities on the Apulit Island Resort includes relaxing at the beach, snorkelling, use of kayak and paddle boards, trips to their other private island, Isla Blanca. You can even try rock climbing or rapelling to get your adrenaline rush, or enjoy a sunrise/sunset cruise. If you love diving, there are a couple of diving sites across the Apulit Island Resort. There is also a game area located conveniently next to the bar, where you can challenge your friends to a pool game, ping pong or fusball. We had a blast here every night after dinner, enjoying a cocktail and playing different games.

Paddle boarding

Rock climbing

Our favorite activity was the morning trip to Isla Blanca. This small island is so beautiful! Here you will find an awesome place to snorkel with colorful fishes and corals. The island has the most beautiful small beach surrounded by the bluest and clearest waters I have seen.

Isla Blanca

Isla BlancaIsla BlancaIsla Blanca

The resort asset is not just the beautiful island but its amazing staff! They are what makes the island so special. Everybody is so helpful and attentive, giving you a smile everytime they see you. When our day to leave came, I was actually feeling sad to leave all this behind. At the pier, they sang us a departure song and waved at us for a couple of minutes until the pier couldn’t be seen anymore! I was feeling like leaving a part of me on the island. But hey, that’s a reason for me to come back here!

Apulit Island Resort is a dream destination for people who wants to spend some quiet, private and enjoyable vacation. It is is a perfect destination full of peace and tranquility. If you liked and found useful this post, please comment below any suggestions!

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