Bohol Island

After spending our first days in Philippines in Cebu, we boarded a ferry and went to another beautiful island, Bohol. Bohol is a must-see if you are visiting the Philippines for the first time. Apart from white beaches you will find so much more here. From old churches to cute animals and adventure parks.

Getting here is quite easy. You either fly in or if you are like me visiting surrounding islands, can take a ferry. When we were in Oslob, we asked around to see if there is a boat leaving to Bohol closer by, so we wouldn’t have to go all the way to Cebu City. “Lucky” for us there was a boat leaving for Bohol that day and we decided to take it. From far the boat looked okay, and I was comforted that there were another 10 people on it as well. But half way there, the sea became a little bit nervous. The waves were hitting the boat so hard, and it felt like it was about to break down. I just wanted to reach the mainland faster. Another good thing about choosing this boat was that it took us so close to Alona Beach, our final destination.

Since our stay was a few days, I planned a full day packed with activities. Since I didn’t want to depend on other people, we arranged for our own private car rental with driver to visit all these sites. But there are plenty of tours as well to choose from. Our day started early by visiting Correla‘s Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary. Tarsiers are shy nocturnal animal that leads a mostly hidden life. They spend their days sleeping and their nights hunting. Tarsiers eat mostly of insects such as cockroaches and crickets, but if they have a chance to catch a small lizard, bird or bat, they won’t hesitate to do so.

Tarsiers in Bohol
Little tarsiers

One thing about the tarsiers is that they are so delicate to the point that it will commit suicide when it gets too much stress. For example if they are handled wrongly, touched carelessly, be surrounded by too much noise, or simply held captive. The use of camera flash and touching them were strictly prohibited as well. You also need to be silent in order to not disturb them.

Tarsiers in Bohol
Look at those eyes

After saying goodbye to our smallest friends, we set course to Chocolate Hills Adventure Park. Here, my husband tried the bike zipline and had a lot of fun with it. You’re basically riding a bike with specialized wheels that wrap around the cable. Aside from this bike zipline, Chocolate Hills Adventure Park offers plenty of other attractions as well like a surf zipline, treetop rope challenges, wall climbs, and zorbing. It looks like a lot of fun so you’ll probably want to save a whole day for this. Check out their website for a list of attractions and rates, including transportation.

Bike zipline
Adrenaline rush

Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

After getting our adrenaline rush, we had to get closer to Chocolate Hills. The Chocolate Hills are a famous tourist attraction of Bohol. Needless to say that you will find soooo many people here. Actually, I had more fun admiring them from the adventure park then from the viewing deck. At least at the park there was nobody ruining my pictures all the time 😂. But even with crowds, I loved seeing these “Hershey’s kisses” as I like to call them.

Chocolate Hills
Chocolate Hills view from the adventure park
Chocolate Hills
Chocolate Hills view from the viewpoint

On our way back to the hotel, we made another 2 stops. One stop was at the man-made forrest, which was a very simple and pleasing experience. Standing there, I couldn’t help but wonder why we are not doing more of these forests? Apparently it’s more easier to cut them 🙁. The man-made forest is a 2 kilometer stretch of mahogany trees that were planted as part of a reforestation project started more than 50 years ago. Our second stop was at the bamboo hanging bridges. While crossing, the bridges sway giving you a different kind of thrill.

Man-made forrest

Bamboo hanging bridge

I’m not an expert on Bohol but I do hope that you find this post useful. I’m only sharing some of the things that I learned from our trip. If you have any suggestions or simply want to share your own experiences, then please feel free to do so in the comments section below.


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