Coron, Palawan

When visiting Coron you have to be prepared to see the most beautiful island! White beaches, palm trees, a gentle breeze, and the most stunning blues you’ve ever seen … that’s Coron in a few words!

Coron, Palawan

We flew here from Cebu, to spend 4 days on this amazing island. Even though on the first day we arrived in the morning, we were stuck in Coron town. After we took our bags, drove to the hotel, check in, it was around 9:30-10:00 and all the boats were out for the day! Luckily the Coron Soleil Garden Resort pool was quite nice so we spend some time there relaxing, and in the afternoon we went to the town to book our tours for the next 2 days.

For the second day we decided to join a regular tour and see if it’s ok. Then, decide at the end of the day if we’re gonna book a second tour again or rent a private boat. For the first tour we were 10 people on the boat and the guide tried to take us in a different order to the attractions to beat the crowds. The day went by smoothly and was very enjoyable so we decided to go for the second tour as well. During these 2 days we got to see a lot of beautiful spots that are around Coron.  Since I cannot remember exactly what tours we took and the order of the destinations that we saw, I will just write separately  about them as a list of things you cannot miss. (I really need to start keeping a travel journal 😀)

  1. Swim in Kayangan Lake – this will be one of the highlights of your Coron vacation. The water is so blue and crystal clear that you will see the bottom of it! Even the location of this lake is quite spectacular! There are around 300 stairs that lead to the lake. Once you reach the lake you will be surrounded by towering limestone formation
    Kayangan Lake
    And this is what I call a view!

    Kayangan Lake

  2. Barracuda Lake – this lake is perfect if you are searching for a quieter experience than the more popular Kayangan Lake. In addition to the fewer crowds, this lake also has some interesting features like hot springs, underwater mountains and that clear waterBarracuda Lake
  3. Twin Lagoon – this is another breathtaking experience! Your jaw will drop when you will reach there and see that perfect clear water and the staggering limestone cliffs. We went here twice in order to have a better chance on getting that place  just for us but we were not that lucky. Despite our guide’s effort to avoid the crowds it seems that here you will never be alone
    Twin Lagoon
    There were so many people here, that this is the best photo I took! At one point I gave up trying to take any :))

    4. Snorkel to reefs and wrecks – and here I am talking about Skeleton Wreck, Siete Pecados and Coral Garden. These wrecks have quite a story! During the World War II, the american navy attacked japanese ships in Manila Bay, making them to withdraw to Coron for safety. The americans discovered their move, and launched a surprise airstrike on them. It took 45 minutes to sink at least 11 ships and severely damage many more. You can also take a tour and go diving to several ships. Since I am not certified in diving, I was happy to snorkel one

Snorkeling in Coron

Shipwreck in Coron         5. CYC,Atwayan and Banol Beach – here we stopped for lunch on our packed tour days. It was perfect just to chill by the beach, take a break from all the snorkelling! And let me tell you that these are some gorgeous beaches. Their white sand and that turquoise waterCoron, Palawan

Coron, Palawan
And these beautiful beaches are the reason you need to visit Palawan!

We did all this on 2 separate tours. But if you want to rent a boat only for you, you can still do it! You need to go to the port at the Calamian Tourist Boat Association and choose your itinerary. Be mindful that you will have to pay the entrances to the attractions you visit. You will also have to buy your lunch and you can arrange with the boat to prepare it.

Boat prices in February 2018
Boat prices in February 2018

On our last day in Coron we took the Montenegro Lines ferry that leaves at 12:00 from Coron and reaches El Nido at 15:30. You can buy your ferry tickets from your accommodation, any tour company or from their office. The fast ferry was comfortable, air conditioned and played several movies. The ride was smooth and lasted around 3,5-4h, costing around 35$ per person. 

Coron truly deserves a visit whenever you are in the Philippines! Those pristine white beaches and that clear turquoise water will steal your heart forever. Trust me, you will never want to leave this beautiful place. If you have any comments or suggestions, I would love to read them below!

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