Golden Gate Bridge Challenge

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of San Francisco’s most famous landmarks! As famous for its colour and architecture as for its suicides, the Golden Gate Bridge is a marvel of engineering. You can either walk or bike across the bridge. Since we had to cover a greater distance, we decided to rent the bicycles. There are many bike tour companies in San Francisco and one of the most popular ones is Blazing Saddles. They have various renting points throughout the city, they are really convenient from this point of view.

On the way to pick up the bikes, we passed Ghiradelli Square and decided to stop in the park and enjoy a nice ice cream before starting our challenge. Famous for their chocolate squares (my favourite is the salty caramel), Ghiradelli has some awesome sundaes! If you don’t believe me wait till you see the pictures below 😋

Ghiradelli Square, San Francisco

Ghiradelli sweets in San Francisco
This trip’s cherry on the top
Ghiradelli sweets in San Francisco
Heaven for all the strawberry lovers

The most popular bike route is to cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito and return by ferry to Fisherman’s Wharf. We started our “little” tour, and at Fort Mason we came to our first hill. There are so many cyclers around you, so you will not need to worry losing your way. After this hill it’s easy cycling for a while. There is a bike path that runs along the Golden Gate Promenade. It is completely flat and the entire way you have a great view of the bridge.

San Francisco
This view 😍

Our first stop was the Palace of Fine Arts, which is on the left side. This is another famous landmark in San Francisco, built in 1915. Here you can find this pond populated by swans which is very beautiful. Actually, I quite enjoyed it there! It was not as many people as there were on the bike paths, so it was a perfect detour!

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco
Spying on the swans

After our quick stop, we hoped on our bikes and continued along San Francisco Bay Trail, by a beautiful beach with great Golden Gate views. The further you go, better the views! The nice, flat bike path ends at Warming Hut Visitor Centre, which had a shop and restaurant with free restrooms and plenty of bike racks. From here, you encounter a challenging uphill climb to get onto the bridge. Halfway on the hill I gave up and just walked my bike all the way up. Guess i failed my stamina test 😞

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Best view of the bridge right here! Couldn’t be happier

The next step is crossing the bridge! Up there it gets pretty windy, being continuously pounded by the Pacific winds. No need to worry, the bridge was designed to endure the worst that mother nature can swing at it! Only when you cross it, you get the true sense of the magnitude of genius that was behind this construction. If you are afraid of heights, whenever you stop on the bridge, don’t look down! I went close to the bridge handrail to enjoy the view, and the moment I looked down my knees felt weak. Maybe it was the strong wind as well, but I just wanted to hop on my bike and cross that bridge faster! Funny how I am quite afraid of heights, considering that I spend half of my time at 40000ft!

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Honestly, the wind up here is fierce

After crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, you will just follow the path below the bridge to Sausalito. Even now, the path is well signed until you reach the tiny city, with its main street filled with restaurants and cafes. Since my legs weren’t quite up for the return journey, we took the ferry back to the city. Another advantage for taking the ferry was the great views of the San Francisco Bay, and the opportunity to reflect on just how incredible the ride was.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
And we did it! Crossed the bridge and off to Sausalito

It can be challenging, but after this day, you will be rewarded with an experience of a lifetime! Keeping this in mind, would you put biking the Golden Gate Bridge on your to do list for San Francisco? Let me know in the comments below!

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